Teaka’s Room | New England Portrait Photographer

Teaka’s room is the kind of space where as soon as you enter you know exactly who she is. The delicate bedspread, paintings on the wall, Lolita sunglasses on the bookcase, and a vintage portrait of JFK (“the hottest President”) on her mirror. When I entered I knew I had to photograph her in it. She had quite a few vintage outfits picked out for the session, but this bathing suit spoke to me in particular for the bedroom. The pastel colors of it and vibe subconsciously sent me back to the 90s when I would come home from the beach with my parents and proceed to spend hours on my bed in my swimsuit even though I was supposed to change out of it immediately. Just an odd memory I have from being a kid. In a way I think that translated here.

We ended up photographing quite a few looks throughout the day, so I’m sure I’ll be sharing more with Teaka soon, but for now enjoy these! They’re some of my favorites!