A Home And An Adventure | Couple Portrait Photos

“Find someone who is both a home and an adventure all in one”

No quote better describes how it feels to be with Zack. Since we met in December Zack and I have been inseparable. Even though it’s only been 4 months we both feel like we’ve come home to each other after a long journey. All poetic notions aside (you’ll have to excuse me as I am a poet and all), I am constantly amazed by how much we are on the same page and I am incredibly grateful we share so many of the same joys in life. From travel to photography to nature and Turnover, there is so much to enjoy together and we’re just getting started.

This past month in March we went to Utah together and we have plans to visit California and Oregon in September. Plus, because our hearts will never stop adventuring we already have many plans in place to explore the White Mountains and Maine together this Summer. I can truly say my heart is the happiest it’s ever been with Zack. He is an amazing partner in life, love, and creativity. I’m thankful every day that we found each other and I’m going to be holding on for a very long time.