Aphrodite With Alyssa | New England Portrait Photographer


“But surely woman rose from the frothy sea.” - Margot Datz

Today my boyfriend and I went to Ipswich to photograph at one of our favorite locations with model, Alyssa (you can find her as on Instagram as @TheNudeFeline). She brought with her many different options for wardrobe and so there will probably be at least one more post here on my blog and some sets with her coming to Patreon too! Among her sea of Salvation Army gems was a blush bridesmaid dress that she wore to her sister’s wedding. This dress, I think, stuck out to me the most because I went home and edited over 10 shots of her in it! I think the combination of the dress, her posing, and the beautiful natural color palette of the sea made for some magical portraits. I look forward to sharing more from this day with everyone, but for now I hope you enjoy these ones as much as I do!

A Walk By The Ocean | New England Photographer

Yesterday I went for a walk by the ocean. The sky was grey, but I was determined to go out anyway and make the most of it. I left my house at 6:00PM and within minutes I was there. I walked alone taking in my surroundings, documenting with my camera all of the small details that caught my attention. This is a beach I’ve been going to ever since I was a child and I’ve seen it in every weather and season. During the Summer it is a much different experience. The coastline is covered in sunbathing bodies. Loud music plays. Off season it’s quiet. Depending on the time and weather you may even be the only person on the entire beach. I was delighted to find that I had it all to myself on this day. I listened to three songs over and over as I walked. Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes, Holoscene by Bon Iver, and Realiti by Grimes. There were a few times where I even skipped along to the music. It felt nice. Carefree.

Here are some of the photos I took while I was walking:

To see the video I did, as well, check out my Patreon. It’s currently posted under the $1 tier for all of my Patrons: patreon.com/leahastore

Maine With Maya | New England Portrait Photographer

This weekend I got the opportunity to see and photograph Maya Tihtiyas again, which is always such a treat. Maya is a beautiful model who is equally as sweet as she is wonderful to work with. These are my favorites we got during our time by the seaside in Maine. Doesn’t she look like a woman off the cover of a Romance Novel? I just adore the vibe she created with her natural beauty and Gunne Sax dress.

Teaka’s Room | New England Portrait Photographer

Teaka’s room is the kind of space where as soon as you enter you know exactly who she is. The delicate bedspread, paintings on the wall, Lolita sunglasses on the bookcase, and a vintage portrait of JFK (“the hottest President”) on her mirror. When I entered I knew I had to photograph her in it. She had quite a few vintage outfits picked out for the session, but this bathing suit spoke to me in particular for the bedroom. The pastel colors of it and vibe subconsciously sent me back to the 90s when I would come home from the beach with my parents and proceed to spend hours on my bed in my swimsuit even though I was supposed to change out of it immediately. Just an odd memory I have from being a kid. In a way I think that translated here.

We ended up photographing quite a few looks throughout the day, so I’m sure I’ll be sharing more with Teaka soon, but for now enjoy these! They’re some of my favorites!

A Home And An Adventure | Couple Portrait Photos

“Find someone who is both a home and an adventure all in one”

No quote better describes how it feels to be with Zack. Since we met in December Zack and I have been inseparable. Even though it’s only been 4 months we both feel like we’ve come home to each other after a long journey. All poetic notions aside (you’ll have to excuse me as I am a poet and all), I am constantly amazed by how much we are on the same page and I am incredibly grateful we share so many of the same joys in life. From travel to photography to nature and Turnover, there is so much to enjoy together and we’re just getting started.

This past month in March we went to Utah together and we have plans to visit California and Oregon in September. Plus, because our hearts will never stop adventuring we already have many plans in place to explore the White Mountains and Maine together this Summer. I can truly say my heart is the happiest it’s ever been with Zack. He is an amazing partner in life, love, and creativity. I’m thankful every day that we found each other and I’m going to be holding on for a very long time.