Tara + Matthew - Glen Ellis Falls, NH - NH Portrait Photographer


Sometimes the best photo shoots are the spontaneous ones! This session with Tara and Matthew proved that to me when on August 26 we all found ourselves in New Hampshire for the same purpose: take photos at Glen Ellis Falls.


On July 31, 2016 Tara and Matthew eloped in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at Glen Ellis Falls. The story of how they ended up getting married at the Falls is another case of "meant to be" when the couple found themselves gated out of Mt. Washington the evening that they planned to elope! A park ranger at Mt. Washington suggested they go to Glen Ellis Falls and the rest is history!  


Both are talented creators and makers and I'm always blown away by their artistic talent: Matthew with his blacksmithing and photography and Tara with her art and pottery. They are definitely a multi-talented couple and I am so honored I was able to photograph them and their love in such a special (and absolutely gorgeous!) place.

Life truly works in mysteriously beautiful ways, doesn't it?

I couldn't be happier that it does.


Are they not the two cutest people you've ever seen in your life? 

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