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4 of my favorite small and local MAssachusetts businesses that I’ll be supporting this Holiday Season

Pitch Pine Pottery

You may recognize the makers of Pitch Pine Pottery from this photo session I did with them over the Summer! Not only are they the cutest couple in the world and two of my close friends, they are the hardest working creators I know! The amount of detail and love that goes into each pot and mug that Tara makes is astounding. I own two of her pieces now and they’re beautiful in photos, but even more stunning in person. With hand carved designs and glazes that are absolutely out of this world each piece is unique. Pay attention to when they’re doing a shop update by following Pitch Pine Pottery on Instagram! They’ll be doing their next one on Small Business Saturday (November 24), so make sure you don’t miss it!


SLYK Shades is my newest favorite local company! The owner and creator Josh, launched SLYK Shades in August and has already done so much good with his brand. SLYK Shades is a mission-based wooden eyewear company that focuses on quality products while impacting an even greater cause. I love that each pair sold plants a tree through their partnership with One Tree Planted! They’ve already planted 300 trees in California and after the devastating wildfires, they’re hoping to help plant even more. In addition, they also partner with Calmer Choice on Cape Cod. 

Calmer Choice works with schools and community organizations across the Cape to deliver a low-cost prevention program that equips children with skills to increase inner resilience, reduce the impact of stress, manage emotional responses, learn self-control and increase their sense of well-being.

Their involvement with mental health means so much to me. And Josh’s own story with mental health is one that really struck a personal chord with me. I hope you’ll consider shopping SLYK Shades if not only to support this awesome growing business, but because their sunglasses are AMAZING. I own a pair of the Mermaid glasses with the light pink mirror lenses (a gorgeous combination!) and I’ve never received so many compliments!

I love that on the temples of the glasses there are inscriptions of hope engraved on the sides. It makes them so special and unique. They also recently started selling their new product: bracelets!

They’re so beautiful with wooden beads and abalone shell details. These bracelets would look amazing in a stack! Which, of course, brings me to my next local creator!

T Jazelle

I first heard about T Jazelle a few years ago when I was doing photography for Setting The Space in Plymouth, MA. I got to meet her in person and she was the absolute sweetest! It’s been exciting watching her business grow. She’s added so many styles of bracelets and jewelry to her line that it makes my head dizzy and I want them all!


Along with her stacks of bracelets she offers rings, necklaces, and earrings. Every piece has a special meaning attached whether it’s the properties of the crystal or the message on the charm.

Dream Of The Woods

Michael and his wife Larissa make up the creative force that is Dream of The Woods. They’re a tiny company based on Cape Cod that creates designs to spread kindness and compassion. I love that their pieces are sustainably made and extremely high quality! I own a print and a car decal made by them both of which are absolutely beautiful. Just for a small story to compare the extra love and care that goes into something made by a small business verses a huge conglomerate: I bought a decal from Dream of the Woods and a decal from Amazon for my car. The one from Dream of the Woods was packaged with thought and care. It was protected in a thick high quality envelope so it wouldn’t get bent and it even had a personal message written on it from Michael! The decal I got from Amazon came in a flimsy envelope and was bent! The bend made applying it to my car so much more difficult, where applying the one from Dream of the Woods was a breeze. Dream of the Wood’s decal was definitely higher quality and goes to show just how much of better experience it is to shop small!

What I think is so special about Shopping Small

When you shop small you can see the people you are supporting with your purchase, just as you see all of the faces of the owners and makers I listed here in this post! You put food on their tables, make dreams come true, and tell each of these people that what they create is worth all of their hard work! Plus, each piece is going to be unique and special. So when you’re shopping for gifts this holiday season or otherwise considering buying from a small business! You’ll get your loved ones something they can’t buy at a store and you’ll give these makers a happiness that is indescribable!

All photos in this post were taken by me unless noted otherwise!