Songs I'm Listening To On Repeat

I thought it would be fun to do a series on this blog, so I'm going to start doing Music Mondays! So, every Monday if I have new favorite music to feature I will be sharing the songs I am listening to on repeat! 

I got this idea while driving to work the other day. For those of you who don't know I have a rather long commute that I do every morning and music (and YouTube videos) are my best friend!

I love using the Google Play Music app in particular because of one radio station on there called "Cool New Indie." And it is indeed the coolest.  

I have found out about and heard some of the most amazing new musicians through Google Play Music. It is a true gift. 

And the other morning just happened to be a banger! Here are my favorite songs that I heard on my commute and can't stop listening to now because they're just that damn good

Me & Michael - MGMT: You don't even KNOW how much I love MGMT. Oracular Spectacular was a formative album for me. It came at just the right time - I was still in High School, on the cusp of graduating, and I was exploring all of the possibilities that would come to me next. I had many amazing rides in the car to that album and now I have new MGMT to keep me company and I am so so so SO happy that they are back making music again. This song is everything to me. The 80s synth style gets me going. It just fills my soul and takes me to another dimension. It's like I'm at the Snow Ball in Hawkins, Indiana and I'm Eleven dancing with Mike. Well, maybe not since I'm 27 and he's a kid (haha), but you get the idea. This song is PURE MAGIC. Listen to it and understand.

PDA - Day Wave & Hazel English: Day Wave - more like BAE WAVE, am I right? I'm an idiot (haha), but my dumb jokes aside if you don't know Day Wave by now you are missing out! Day Wave makes the most amazing music inspired by artists like Joy Division and New Order. He does an AMAZING cover of Ceremony, which I was so lucky to hear in person and it is INCREDIBLE. It was like being transported back in time to hear it in person. He is just so cool. And through Day Wave I was introduced to Hazel English. They record together quite a bit. I believe he helped produce one of her albums or at least a song for her. I just love the way he records directly to tape and you can tell because the sound is just so perfectly understated and dreamy - like he's playing in your room. But since Joy Division and New Order are on his list of inspirations the next logical step was to cover an Interpol song and it is just everything. I'm so happy it exists. I love this song and they do an amazing job on it together. All I have to say is I want more of this and more Hazel English and Day Wave singing together! Such a dreamy duo.

Holding On - The War On Drugs: Such a good driving song with both a summery and timeless quality. It's Tom Petty-esque in the best kind of way. You can just hear the America (haha). I think I need to go on a cross-country road-trip with The War On Drugs now. 


Who Do You Love - William Wild: Another beautiful song and this video does not have enough plays! What is going on? I hope that people will give it a listen and check out the artist. I definitely will! This is why I love the Google Play Music stations! I learn about so many wonderful artists I'd never heard of before. This song is just so easy and pleasant. Would make a great driving companion on any trip or morning commute. It's like waking up after a long sleep.

No Vacation - Yam Yam: I love the voice of the singer. So soothing and relaxing. And the music is so clean and the drums perfectly understated. I think this would make a great rainy day song. Walking down the street, headphones in, rain falling around you...I bet you wouldn't get wet. 

Generation L(ost) - L.A. Salami: For those moments when you feel like you're part of a lost generation definitely put this on. I could relate to it almost immediately (haha). It's a sidestepper for sure. Sometimes you just need a song like this. Turn it on and dance proudly around your room that you still live in at your parents house. It will be cathartic. 

Fancy Few - DEDE: This song and artist also deserves more views/listens! What the heck! I love the voice of the singer, very dreamy. Sometimes you just need some girly sounding music and this hit the mark for me. I really dig it. Maybe you will, too? 

Happy listening! :)