Glossier Summer Wish List - Beauty Blogger

Since I did a review of some of my favorite (and not so favorite) products from Glossier (you can read that here!) I figured I'd share the Glossier products that are still on my wish list! 


body hero

Body Hero Duo - I'm more keen to try the Daily Perfecting Cream, but I'd love to try both and see what they'd do for my skin! In the winter my legs get fairly dry...I should moisturize them daily, then I'd have no problems, but who's got time for that? (haha) I also take very hot showers, just a preference and passion, so no I won't be changing the temperature anytime soon even if it is better for my skin! All jokes aside though I saw a video of what the Perfecting Cream looks like on the skin and I'm obsessed! I need to get it for the summer because it looks so glowy! Any other time of year it might be wasted (if you live in a climate like I do), but if you were on the West Coast of America or somewhere else warm you would get more use. But in general if you're showing your skin then I think the Perfecting Cream is a must-have and is on my summer buying list for sure! 

The Daily Oil Wash is intriguing, as well. I'll have to try it out and see if it moisturizes my skin better than other body washes. I like the idea of an oil wash and I love sensitive products, so I would hope this one is easy on the skin! I have a feeling it is. 


Lidstar - I've gotten my hands on three so far, Cub, Fawn, and Moon (review coming soon)! I'd love to try the other colors, too! Currently my wish list is Slip and Lily!


Cloud Paint - I have Dusk and Puff and I love them. The cloud paints are lovely products in general and can be used on your eyes or cheeks! I love multi-purpose products! Currently I really want to get and try Beam and Haze. Perhaps those will be my cheek colors of the summer? 

Generation G - I love Generation G, as I've talked about before! I've tried the colors Zip, Leo, and Jam. All three are amazing! I need to pick up another Leo, though, as I've misplaced mine and it hasn't turned up yet (sobs). Other than that I'd love to try Cake next! I heard that Cake is the color Emily Weiss, Glossier's CEO, wore on her wedding day, so for anyone who's getting married you may want to give it a try, too! ;)

Balm Dotcom - My favorite Balm Dotcom that I've tried so far is definitely the Birthday flavor! It smells just like a Funfetti cake and has the most beautiful shine. I've always tried the original Balm Dotcom and it's an essential, but I am dying to try the Coconut flavor! Plus, I feel like Coconut is so perfectly Summer that it has to be on my wish list!