Feelin' Teddy Fresh

I recently picked up a piece from the Teddy Fresh Official clothing line and I am so excited it's finally here! Teddy Fresh was created by one of my favorite YouTubers, Hila Klein of H3H3. 

This is actually the first piece of YouTuber clothing I've ever purchased, ever. I've been a lover of YouTube for over 10 years, but over that span of time nothing has spoke to me quite like H3H3 and Teddy Fresh. 

I love how unique Ethan and Hila's style is. They make beanies, FUPAs, Hawaiian shirts, and socks with sandals look good.

teddy fresh

So, in the spirit of their bold style I opted to go outside my typical black sweater comfort zone and get the pink and green(or yellow?) Revenge of the Ted sweater. I also thought the sweater would go perfectly with my fluorescent tassel earrings I got for Summer from Target and I was right! 

glossier you-1-22.jpg

First off, I'm not surprised to find that the quality of this sweater is amazing! I think Hila found the perfect compromise between quality and price. Yes, the prices are a little on the higher end side, but this is actually one of the nicest sweaters I've ever owned! I think the material is really going to hold up and continue to look amazing. 

I first found H3H3 because of JonTron. He did a video with them and that sent me down the rabbit hole of their channel, starting of course with the classic Vape Naysh. Now they even have a killer podcast where they almost always have a super interesting guest!

I'm so happy I can rep my naysh now while I drink sodey pop and eat Papa John's pizza (actually I've never had Papa John's, but you know what I mean).

If you haven't seen their videos or heard of them definitely give them a watch. 

Papa Bless! 

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