Local Snapshot: J Marshall Craig Book Reading at The Music Box - Photo Essay - New England Blogger

At the Music Box in Plymouth, MA on November 18, 2018 author J Marshall Craig read some excerpts or as he penned them “rimshots” from his new memoir “Megalife” about Megadeth drummer Nick Menza.

I’ve never had much exposure to the music of Megadeth, but I was here for the reading to support Craig and ended up learning some very interesting things about Menza’s life. A deeply talented artist he seemed to never wanted to be defined simply as the “drummer for Megadeth.”

“I don’t like anyone thinking of me in such one dimensional terms,” said Menza.

I can relate.

Some of the funnier rimshots include one about what kind of shampoo he used (none, sorry!) and a time he met Bjork and surprised her by liking her music.

Here are some of the highlights I captured of the book reading!