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So, you just binge watched the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and you want to pretend you’re a teenage witch? Say no more. I’m right there with you and I can think of nowhere more appropriate to visit this time of year than Salem, MA. Sure, it’s a town you can visit during any season, but Autumn is arguably the best time to do it and it’s usually when I make my yearly exodus! I was lucky that this year my sister and I decided to drive up and make it into a day trip. We hit some new and favorite spots along the way and I figured I’d share the highlights of our day in case you feel like hopping on your broomstick and checking it out for yourself!

The Food



An hour and a half in the car can work up a hell of an appetite, so once we got there we wanted to get coffee and food right away! Both of us were dying to try Gulu Gulu Cafe, so we stopped in. As soon as we got there and were greeted by the sweet hostess I could tell that this cafe was going to become sanctuary for me. I felt at home instantly. I loved that the inside of the cafe is spacious and eclectically decorated with tall loft style ceilings. All of the tables are unique and some of them are painted. We decided to sit at the table that was painted black with a big bright red heart on it. Even the bathroom was adorned with fun, quirky paintings! You’ll see what I mean if you go! But enough about bathrooms, Leah…jeesh. I need to tell you about the best part! The food and drinks!

For drinks I ordered the white raspberry latte and my sister ordered the “Mind Sweeper.” I can’t recommend the white raspberry latte enough. The flavor of the raspberry was incredible and the presence of the white chocolate was sweet, smooth, and delightfully creamy.

I noticed while there that they also have a very extensive menu of unique beers that all sounded equally amazing! That day I was only in the mood for coffee, but I made up my mind to come back to try some of the beer on the menu.

As for food there were so many options! Again, I just wish I had a week to try everything, but when I saw the “Duck Yeah!” sandwich I knew I had to get that. The “Duck Yeah” (pictured above) consists of house-smoked duck breast, gruyere cheese, apricot preserves, and arugula, on grilled rye bread served with a choice of kettle cooked chips, dressed greens, or pasta salad and house made pickles. If that doesn’t sound mouthwatering to you then there are bunches of other delicious options (also many options for non-meat eaters too!). I recommend the pasta salad as a side though - so good!

The Sights

tourist spots


Sure there are plenty of tourist spots and we hit a few of them just for funsies!

You can do many museum-like historical tours, but I did them once before in college with friends and that was enough for me. I remember some being more fun than others, but it’s up to you if that’s what you want to spend your day doing! You can get a good package deal on them, but going to each one will take a few hours. I’m sure you’ll come out very knowledgeable about Salem, though, and that might be quite worth it to some! Another fun tourist spot to hit is the Bewitched Statue as you can see me having a moment with above. It’s a very popular spot for a selfie or group photo! But this next stop is perhaps even MORE popular for a selfie!

The Witch House

salem-1-5 FINAL.jpg

Not only is this house aesthetically pleasing and bound to get you oodles of likes on Instagram it is THE historical landmark of Salem - the home of the Witch Trials! So, I would consider it a must-go. You can do a self-guided tour of the inside that I highly recommend!

Some of the sights around town

There just happened to be a carnival in town the night we were there!

There just happened to be a carnival in town the night we were there!

The Shopping

There are so many interesting and eclectic stores - I mean it’s Salem after all! Some of my favorites to hit are always Hex, Omen, and a new favorite that I found when I was there last called Vampfangs! I ended up getting some professional VFX grade blood for my Halloween costume there and a pair of black deer antlers. I was also pleased to find they carry some awesome Indie brands like Rogue + Wolf.

The Company

my sister


The style icon herself! My sister accompanied me for this journey and we had so much fun around Salem together! I hope we get to go back soon!

Thanks for exploring Salem with me! Where should I go next?