My Approach to Headshot and Portrait Photography - New England Headshot Photographer

My approach to headshot photography is similar to how I approach every shoot: the subject leads the composition and editing.

I believe that not every subject should be shot the same way. Some things like shoes or basic products mostly can, but people, places...they have a unique personality and style that I firmly believe in letting dictate my shots.

Sure I could shoot every person the same, in a controlled environment, with studio lighting (and I've seen some amazing work like that that I love!), but my personal style is to let my subject for the day influence what my shooting style will be. 

Like with my sister: she's a hair stylist with a big personality, great style, and she just happens to own a pink car! I mean, how many people do you know with a pink car that don't sell Mary Kay (haha). So, that day I walked into the shoot knowing I had to get a photo of her with it.

I always prefer to take a photo of someone in their home, office, or favorite place as opposed to in a studio or a contrived location.


I start my process by taking account of the surroundings. Wherever it is that my subject wants their picture taken - I know that it likely says something about them. If I'm in their office, for example, their furniture, artwork, decor or even their "mess" will have an impact on the photo. 

Do you have pieces of paper or coffee cups laying around while you work? Good! Keep it in the photo :) it all says something about you. 

Some people may be uncomfortable with this at first, but I like to shoot this way because I know that if I was on the other side of the camera I would want my photographer to capture every aspect of my personality in the photo, too!

And I love capturing candids of people breaking composure - laughing or smiling big! Those ones are the best! So, on a shoot you might notice that I've always got my finger on the shutter...searching for those golden moments!

glossier you-1-10.jpg

Sometimes even the quiet moments can speak volumes. I love being a fly on the wall to someone's creative process.


This one happens to be one of my all-time favorites because it shows my subject in his element - creating his art. It's not about me, it's not up close and's personal and private - a snapshot of a moment that would be happening no matter if I was shooting or not.

And that's really what I'm always striving for with my headshots and portraits.

Ready for your close-up? I'd love to do more photos in a series like this, so if you're an artist in the Boston area interested in getting your photo taken contact me and maybe we can set something up!


Reinventing Myself



Master of Reinvention?

Probably not.

I've always fancied myself a sort of "master of reinvention"...mostly because I've had to do it so many times. 

However, now that I think about it constantly reinventing yourself might be a sign that you're not good at reinvention at all.

Perhaps the problem lies in how I was previously looking at this concept...


I Cannot Leave Here, I Cannot Stay

I'm ready for the next experience.

My sister has these words tattooed on the tops of her feet. It's apropos placement because our feet take us on our journey through life, but in the phrase lies a contradiction that keeps your feet in one place. And I can think of no better way to describe my situation right now. If I can't leave and I can't stay...where am I? I'm stuck. I feel so stuck. Whether it's because of debt, money,'s really all of the above. But more than money I think it's how I've chosen to think. I think we all limit ourselves. We come up with a million reasons why we can't do things when really if we really wanted to do something we would...I am guilty of this. 

I want to break the chain. It's so hard isn't it? Breaking out of these habitual thought processes that keep us in one place and limit our thinking requires hard work. It's much easier to clock-in to a 9 - 5, pick up our paychecks, take our 12 holidays per year, and satiate our unhappiness with television shows and possessions. 

I get so stuck in that mode of thinking. I get a momentary happiness from purchasing the things I've "wanted" for so I don't need all of the things that I buy...most of us don't. We work jobs we don't want to buy things we don't need...and it's an endless cycle. 

That's a quote from Fight Club isn't it? Of course, I always find myself quoting that film/book (haha). 

Society wants us to limit ourselves. I always used to get so frustrated in conversations when people asked me what I did...for starters I was still finding out what I "do" (and I still kinda am), but if I said I was a photographer they would want to know what of. If I said I did a little bit of everything it confused people and made me look foolish. I've just never wanted to sum up what I did into one thing. Maybe that's easy when you're a lawyer or a doctor or nurse. Whenever I limited myself to just one aspect of my interests and talents it made me feel disingenuous. I spent much of my 20s not knowing how to describe who I was to people. 

If you're not this or you're not that, what are you?

So, I tried fitting into the confines that society wants me to be in...and that only made me feel worse.

To me, it's always felt akin to brainwashing and I've been searching for a way to get out of the system while also being afraid to leave it...because it's comfortable in the system isn't it?


life happens outside your comfort zone

I cannot leave here, I cannot stay.

Well...I  have to leave here and I can't stay. Ever since I moved back home into my parents house (for the second time in my 20s) I've been experiencing this feeling all over again - the feeling of not knowing where I belong. I have ideas, goals, and things I'd like to achieve, but a lot of them are far outside of my comfort zone. 

I've tried moving away with a significant other. I found that that isn't what I truly wanted. Now that I'm finally settling into what I believe is going to be who I am and what I want in life (at least for now) I know that I need to better my future for myself. 

From high school to the first half of my 20s I thought I was supposed to find a husband who would take care of me. Yeah, that's what I was taught and believed. I truly thought that in order to have everything I wanted I needed that first. How sad. I know that that can bring a lot of people happiness and if that's your joy then I am happy for you, but that's not my joy. 

Underneath everything I was taught and conditioned to believe is a rebel. I value my freedom and my independence sometimes more than I even realize. 

I broke up with my first boyfriend at the age of 14 stating "commitment issues" and I cheered "I'm free!" when he agreed to the breakup. Sometimes I think I knew myself better then than I do now. 

After that getting my drivers license and my first car was my next act of freedom and independence. It felt amazing. I could go where I wanted to go. I didn't need to rely on anyone and I could feel freedom behind the wheel. In fact, it was such a huge milestone for me that it's what I wrote my college essay about.

It's so surprising to me then that I found myself in my 20s trying to limit my freedom as much as possible, but a little bit of dormant feelings from emotional abuse, daddy issues, and unhealthy relationships can do that to a person. 

I may have lost myself for a while, but I'm ready to reclaim that freedom once again.

So, now that I know what I want to do comes the hard part: Doing it. 

It's very outside of my comfort zone, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Never change for anyone else's benefit but your own.

my mistake: I thought I had to change who i am to be loved and accepted.

Reinventing yourself isn't about changing should be about becoming a better version of who you've always been.

Look at it this's like a snake shedding it's skin...or wait, maybe a better metaphor is a phoenix rising from the ashes, but either way...

As you grow you live in a moment for a time, you have new experiences, and when it comes time to shed that part of you and move on you do and you find that you are shiny and new underneath, ready for the next experience.

That's where I find myself now and I wish strength to all of you who are also along on this journey with me. 

We are not alone. We all experience this. It's part of being human.

Wherever it is that you want to go, don't worry you'll get there. 

You just have to take the first step.

The hardest thing I ever physically did was climb a mountain, but when I got to the peak I was so grateful that I did - the view from the top was incredible.

black and white-1-3.jpg

Thoughts On Vulnerability

Why do I make myself vulnerable and share my struggles so openly?

First of all, I think it’s important. When I was growing up it would’ve helped so much to hear someone say, “I know what you’re going through, I understand you, and I have similar issues.” Because in moments of struggle, especially as a kid, you feel like you’re the only person in the world experiencing what you’re experiencing.

As a teenager that feeling only got worse for me. I felt alienated from my peers and I pushed away from friends and social activities. I felt like there was something wrong with me that kept me from being open about the things I was going through. While others seemed to be leading normal lives I felt mine crumbling around me. No one else was talking about their personal issues either. Because of that it took a lot longer than it should’ve for me to learn that every single person struggles with something - family, mental health, you name it...insert issue here.

Life isn’t easy for anyone, but we try to make it seem like it is.

We have this way that we conduct ourselves in society that doesn’t acknowledge our problems. Instead we are encouraged to keep personal matters to ourselves. But over the years I think I have started to see that form of societal thought shift for the better. 

With the Internet we’re able to easily connect with people who have similarities to us and we create little communities with the people that make us feel like we're not so alone. So, I like being open about my struggles within my communities.

Not only does it feel good to vent my thoughts and feelings - it’s incredibly rewarding if I’m able to help someone else feel validated in what they're going through. I know it’s helped me.

I look at it as being a sort of mentor to people who need someone to understand what they’re going through and offer inspiration, motivation, support, and advice if they want it. I feel like I have experienced quite a bit and made enough mistakes along the way that I'd like to at least use that knowledge to help others. 

Of course opening up on a large scale makes one very vulnerable to criticism and judgement, but I'm not going to let that stop me from doing something that I think is important. 

Even if it is a little scary I'm going to continue to do it.

And I fully support and encourage others to, as well. 

The more open we are the more connected we'll be.

Reviewing Two New L'Oreal Products - Beauty Blogger

glossier you-1-9.jpg

Colour Riche Shine lipstick

glossier you-1-8.jpg

I love this lipstick! I got it in the shade 904 "Varnished Rosewood." It's a really "my lips, but better" shade, which is exactly what I was looking for when I found it! I'd say this color is best described as a warm rose with a hint of brown that gives it that expensive appearance. It's got a really nice glossy shine, too!...Shine isn't usually something I seek out in lip products, but this is perfect for a fresh every day look! I do think I'm going to get more of these in different shades at some point, but I couldn't be more pleased with the one I picked. If this sounds like something up your street I'd definitely give it a go!

Lumi Glow Amour

glossier you-1-7.jpg

This product is just okay. I'm sad to say I'm not blown away by it. I thought it'd be a good substitute for higher end illuminating drops - it's not that it isn't, it's just not that mind-blowing either. 

glossier you-2-2.jpg

As you can see in this picture this is how it looks on the skin before you rub it in, but unfortunately once you do it wipes right off and becomes sheer. This would make it ideal to use as a base for powder highlighter, but I was looking for more than a base. I really hoped this would be a liquid highlighter that mirrors the appearance of a solid and this just misses the mark for me. However, if you want to add some irredescence to your foundation or put it on your eyelids (I've done this a few times) then it does have it's uses. Daybreak is very pearlescent and glowing with a sort-of champagne-like tone. Perhaps I'll try adding it to a moisturizer for an added sparkle! If I come up with any more groundbreaking uses for it I'll be sure to come back with an update! Otherwise, I feel it was a bit of a waste at $11.99.


Glossier Must-Haves & Have-Nots - Beauty Blogger

glossier must-haves

For those of you who don't know I'm a Glossier rep.* 

I absolutely love their products and have been sharing them with anyone who would listen since day one!

Everything from Glossier's aesthetic to their marketing makes me love them - I think they're just the perfect example of a brand done right!

However, even a perfect brand has a few flops. And over the last year or so I've tried as many of Glossier's products as I can. So, today I figured I'd demystify their products as much as I can for everyone and go over my list of absolute must-buys! And my list of "eh, you can skip its." 


1. Boy Brow - This is the product that started it all for me. What truly made me fall in love with Boy Brow is just how simple it is. All you have to do is take the brush and comb the product through your eyebrows and voila! perfectly tinted and defined brows in a matter of seconds! It not only shortens my time doing my makeup in the morning, but it gives me a boost of confidence that my eyebrows are serious, bold, and ready to take on the world! There's a reason that Boy Brow launched Glossier to the level of cult fame it has today!

2. Generation G - Another cult beauty product Generation G is a must-must-must-have! There is no other lip product I've ever tried quite like it. The colors are buildable and beautiful. And I don't feel odd eating or kissing in them because they're so barely there that there's nothing to worry about (and you can easily reapply to perfection after intense eating or kissing haha!). Most of them have a matte, blurry appearance. Although Leo seemed more on the glossy side to me (but I love Leo!). So, 100% if you're looking to try a Glossier product that is quintessentially Glossier definitely put a Generation G lipstick in your shopping cart!

3. Wowder - Even if you aren't about to be a Glossier convert or fan at least get yourself the Wowder! It should be a staple in everyone's makeup routine. I've used many powders in the past. Some even irritated my eyes! Ew! And then there are the powders that leave you looking like a ghost or perhaps even worse there can be powders that seem to do nothing at all! This is not one of those. It works sooo well - better than any setting powder I've ever used. The packaging is also genius! It doesn't spill anywhere and is simple to use. I've had no problems with this powder and will be repurchasing if I ever run out!


1. The Super Pack - Meh! I'm sorry to say that these just don't get me excited. At first I was really loving Super Bounce and I would probably still purchase it on it's own if it weren't for the price ($28 a piece!). Out of all the serums I would recommend trying Super Bounce for extra hydration and the hyaluronic acid, but I think I'm going to look to other brands for something like this. It was simply just "alright" and I'm searching for "AMAZING."

2. The Priming Moisturizer - I actually like this product so much! I should really clarify that this list of have-nots isn't to say that these products are no good, it's just that they're the ones you can skip. Here's my reasoning on why you can skip this one: the Priming Moisturizer truly is an amazing primer to your skin before makeup (especially Glossier makeup) and it did make my skin so so soft, but you know what else does that? the Vaseline intensive care essential healing moisturizer I've been using on my skin throughout the winter. Again, I would continue to buy the Priming Moisturizer if it weren't for the price point ($22 for 1.7 fl. oz.), but my Vaseline moisturizer is $3 at Target for way more product. So, I choose to skip this one until I am making more figures on my paycheck and with that saved money I'll invest in my Glossier must-haves! :)

3. Stretch Concealer - I like this theory. It's so creamy, the packaging is really nice, and it goes really well with the perfecting skin tint, but unfortunately it's only an "okay" concealer. First off, don't put this on your under eyes - it creases like a mother-f-er. I've even used Wowder with it and still the creasing doesn't cease. Also, if you have a covers okay...but not great. So, because of everything you can't do with this product I unfortunately don't think I'll be repurchasing.

Honorable mentions

I figured why not include a few products that are "nice to have" if you just want to treat yourself!

1. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser - I really like this cleanser! It's gentle, creamy, and pretty much scentless - which is what my sensitive skin loves! It's unlike any other cleanser I've used before and I mean that in a good way! I think it's unique and it does a great job at cleansing your skin while removing makeup. Definitely try it out if you feel like treating yourself! 

2. Glossier You Perfume Solid - I've mentioned before in a video review of Glossier You (you can watch that here) that the spray perfume will last on you pretty much all day - it's kinda incredible! But! If you want to make sure you keep smelling amazing throughout the day or maybe you just prefer perfume solids I would recommend getting yourself the Glossier You Perfume Solid. It's really nicely made and is the perfect travel companion. I got it so I could always have it in my purse wherever I go. You never know when you're going to need a little extra!

3. Perfecting Skin Tint - I feel like this product isn't for everyone...but it should be. Some I think just won't see what's so cool about it, but if you're in to minimal makeup then you'll understand. This feels like you're wearing nothing at all . And it's some sort of witchcraft for sure, but it really does match your skin tone perfectly while blurring out's weird, but it works, so I love it! So, if you feel like giving this a try knowing you may very well hate it (I feel like this is definitely a love it or hate it kind of product) then why not just order it? And make sure to let me know what you think ;) 


*And since I'm a Glossier rep I will let you know that purchasing through my link will get you 20% off your first purchase, so definitely follow this link if you want to save some money ;) Happy shopping!

Glossier Summer Wish List - Beauty Blogger

Since I did a review of some of my favorite (and not so favorite) products from Glossier (you can read that here!) I figured I'd share the Glossier products that are still on my wish list! 


body hero

Body Hero Duo - I'm more keen to try the Daily Perfecting Cream, but I'd love to try both and see what they'd do for my skin! In the winter my legs get fairly dry...I should moisturize them daily, then I'd have no problems, but who's got time for that? (haha) I also take very hot showers, just a preference and passion, so no I won't be changing the temperature anytime soon even if it is better for my skin! All jokes aside though I saw a video of what the Perfecting Cream looks like on the skin and I'm obsessed! I need to get it for the summer because it looks so glowy! Any other time of year it might be wasted (if you live in a climate like I do), but if you were on the West Coast of America or somewhere else warm you would get more use. But in general if you're showing your skin then I think the Perfecting Cream is a must-have and is on my summer buying list for sure! 

The Daily Oil Wash is intriguing, as well. I'll have to try it out and see if it moisturizes my skin better than other body washes. I like the idea of an oil wash and I love sensitive products, so I would hope this one is easy on the skin! I have a feeling it is. 


Lidstar - I've gotten my hands on three so far, Cub, Fawn, and Moon (review coming soon)! I'd love to try the other colors, too! Currently my wish list is Slip and Lily!


Cloud Paint - I have Dusk and Puff and I love them. The cloud paints are lovely products in general and can be used on your eyes or cheeks! I love multi-purpose products! Currently I really want to get and try Beam and Haze. Perhaps those will be my cheek colors of the summer? 

Generation G - I love Generation G, as I've talked about before! I've tried the colors Zip, Leo, and Jam. All three are amazing! I need to pick up another Leo, though, as I've misplaced mine and it hasn't turned up yet (sobs). Other than that I'd love to try Cake next! I heard that Cake is the color Emily Weiss, Glossier's CEO, wore on her wedding day, so for anyone who's getting married you may want to give it a try, too! ;)

Balm Dotcom - My favorite Balm Dotcom that I've tried so far is definitely the Birthday flavor! It smells just like a Funfetti cake and has the most beautiful shine. I've always tried the original Balm Dotcom and it's an essential, but I am dying to try the Coconut flavor! Plus, I feel like Coconut is so perfectly Summer that it has to be on my wish list! 


Songs I'm Listening To On Repeat

I thought it would be fun to do a series on this blog, so I'm going to start doing Music Mondays! So, every Monday if I have new favorite music to feature I will be sharing the songs I am listening to on repeat! 

I got this idea while driving to work the other day. For those of you who don't know I have a rather long commute that I do every morning and music (and YouTube videos) are my best friend!

I love using the Google Play Music app in particular because of one radio station on there called "Cool New Indie." And it is indeed the coolest.  

I have found out about and heard some of the most amazing new musicians through Google Play Music. It is a true gift. 

And the other morning just happened to be a banger! Here are my favorite songs that I heard on my commute and can't stop listening to now because they're just that damn good

Me & Michael - MGMT: You don't even KNOW how much I love MGMT. Oracular Spectacular was a formative album for me. It came at just the right time - I was still in High School, on the cusp of graduating, and I was exploring all of the possibilities that would come to me next. I had many amazing rides in the car to that album and now I have new MGMT to keep me company and I am so so so SO happy that they are back making music again. This song is everything to me. The 80s synth style gets me going. It just fills my soul and takes me to another dimension. It's like I'm at the Snow Ball in Hawkins, Indiana and I'm Eleven dancing with Mike. Well, maybe not since I'm 27 and he's a kid (haha), but you get the idea. This song is PURE MAGIC. Listen to it and understand.

PDA - Day Wave & Hazel English: Day Wave - more like BAE WAVE, am I right? I'm an idiot (haha), but my dumb jokes aside if you don't know Day Wave by now you are missing out! Day Wave makes the most amazing music inspired by artists like Joy Division and New Order. He does an AMAZING cover of Ceremony, which I was so lucky to hear in person and it is INCREDIBLE. It was like being transported back in time to hear it in person. He is just so cool. And through Day Wave I was introduced to Hazel English. They record together quite a bit. I believe he helped produce one of her albums or at least a song for her. I just love the way he records directly to tape and you can tell because the sound is just so perfectly understated and dreamy - like he's playing in your room. But since Joy Division and New Order are on his list of inspirations the next logical step was to cover an Interpol song and it is just everything. I'm so happy it exists. I love this song and they do an amazing job on it together. All I have to say is I want more of this and more Hazel English and Day Wave singing together! Such a dreamy duo.

Holding On - The War On Drugs: Such a good driving song with both a summery and timeless quality. It's Tom Petty-esque in the best kind of way. You can just hear the America (haha). I think I need to go on a cross-country road-trip with The War On Drugs now. 


Who Do You Love - William Wild: Another beautiful song and this video does not have enough plays! What is going on? I hope that people will give it a listen and check out the artist. I definitely will! This is why I love the Google Play Music stations! I learn about so many wonderful artists I'd never heard of before. This song is just so easy and pleasant. Would make a great driving companion on any trip or morning commute. It's like waking up after a long sleep.

No Vacation - Yam Yam: I love the voice of the singer. So soothing and relaxing. And the music is so clean and the drums perfectly understated. I think this would make a great rainy day song. Walking down the street, headphones in, rain falling around you...I bet you wouldn't get wet. 

Generation L(ost) - L.A. Salami: For those moments when you feel like you're part of a lost generation definitely put this on. I could relate to it almost immediately (haha). It's a sidestepper for sure. Sometimes you just need a song like this. Turn it on and dance proudly around your room that you still live in at your parents house. It will be cathartic. 

Fancy Few - DEDE: This song and artist also deserves more views/listens! What the heck! I love the voice of the singer, very dreamy. Sometimes you just need some girly sounding music and this hit the mark for me. I really dig it. Maybe you will, too? 

Happy listening! :) 


Starting Over - My Blogging Story


Hi! I'm Leah. But you probably already know that since you're on my website! :) 

Blogging has been a constant love/hate experience for me over the past 10 years. 

If you've been with me for any part of it then you may know a little bit about my stop and go blogging story. But just in case you're just finding me now let's start at the beginning!

I'm a writer and I've always wanted to blog - to share what I'm thinking, what I'm loving, and what I'm experiencing with others. Writing is one of the best ways for me to communicate. As an introvert it's just natural to me and I often say that I'm generally able to articulate myself better through writing than speech. Because of my love for writing and desire to connect I've always wanted to be a blogger! You'd think that I'd be a natural at it, but over the years I've struggled with finding myself in the blogging world. 

I've always thought I needed to have a focus - a brand. This led me to try on as many different styles as I could think of...a travel blog, a food blog, lifestyle, beauty, fashion...

But none of it stuck. I would be passionate about it for a time, but then my interest would fade and I'd be on to the next thing. So, I stopped trying to make the blogging thing happen. The only problem is I still have the desire to do it! And that's when I realized my issue:

I don't want to be defined by a certain style of content. 

I don't want to be the "fashion girl" or the "beauty girl."

All I want is to be me.

So, I realize now that my brand is both nothing and everything.

Complete freedom.

I'm done trying to fit all of my many interests into one sellable package. I want this blog to encapsulate everything about me. So, sometimes I might be reviewing a product, or I might be showing you all a new outfit that I'm loving. Other times I might be sharing what I'm thinking about or what I'm reading or watching on Netflix. 

I even want a place to share what I'm struggling with in the hopes that maybe my problems, mistakes, and experiences can help others or at the very least show them that they are not alone.

We are all complex people and although Social Media and the Internet might show you that we can all be marketed into one easy to swallow and sell brand...I simply refuse to be limited.

So here's to a fresh start! 

And welcome to my blog.

I hope you like it!