Alexandra - Acting Headshots - Boston and RI Photographer


Alexandra and I met in Providence earlier this month for a headshot photo session. It was my first time meeting her, but within seconds you can tell what a kind and glowing person she is - I mean just look at that smile! It’s probably one of the brightest smiles I’ve ever seen!


Alexandra is an aspiring actor and hired me to take her headshots. I had so much fun getting creative with her around Providence and found so many amazing spots to compliment and enhance her natural beauty.

Thank you for letting me photograph you Alexandra! I wish you all the best with going after your goals!

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Gustafson Family - Holiday Photo Sessions - Boston Family Photographer

Baby’s First Photo Session

And my first session with a baby! Yes, until last weekend I’m actually surprised to say I’ve never photographed with any children younger than two! I wasn’t nervous going into it though. When Saturday came I was armed and ready to capture photos of the Gustafson’s for their Christmas cards and I’m happy to say we had so much fun taking photos together! The Gustafson’s daughter Elle was a dream! I don’t know if this means I got it easy my first time photographing with a baby, but I would say I’d do it again! Thank you again Gustafson’s for contacting me to photograph you and your daughter! It was such an honor!

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Into The Woods With Pitch Pine Pottery - Photo Essay - New England Blogger

Exactly one month ago today Tara, Matthew, and I took to the woods for a special photo adventure. Together we climbed trees, took photos, shared dreams, and lost ourselves in nature. We were brought back to civilization only by the darkness and distant sound of coyotes…

Here are some of the photos I took of our journey:

Want to see more of my photo adventures with Matthew + Tara?

Matthew + Tara Portrait Session at Glen Ellis Falls

Duffley Family - Holiday Photo Sessions - Plymouth Family Photographer


When Megan reached out to me to do her family’s holiday photos I was so excited! Her family is my first holiday photo session of this year and what a wonderful way to start off this festive season of love and laughter and there was A LOT of laughter on our session day! I loved how we went for a very authentic approach photographing in their backyard and around their home. It’s my first “lifestyle” style session and I’d love to do more like it! We took some posed photos, but I also had them just go about, raking the fire, playing, reading and interacting as a family and those are my FAVORITE!

Their girls were cute as can be playing with each other and jumping in front of my camera!


Even their dog Rocky has his own Instagram account and posed for his portrait like a good boy!

And the love I could see Megan and her husband have for each other. So sweet!


Thank you for reaching out to me Megan I am so happy you did!

Cutest family ever or what?

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Raeshelle's Golden Hour Photo Session - Plymouth, MA Portrait Photographer

Golden hour is that magical time of day shortly after sunrise and roughly the hour before sunset where the light is at it’s most enchanting and if you’re looking for photos with heavy drama and tons of mood this is when you want to be photographed! These photos I took with Raeshelle are a great example of what makes this time of day so beloved by myself and other photographers!

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Tara + Matthew - Glen Ellis Falls, NH - NH Portrait Photographer


Sometimes the best photo shoots are the spontaneous ones! This session with Tara and Matthew proved that to me when on August 26 we all found ourselves in New Hampshire for the same purpose: take photos at Glen Ellis Falls.


On July 31, 2016 Tara and Matthew eloped in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at Glen Ellis Falls. The story of how they ended up getting married at the Falls is another case of "meant to be" when the couple found themselves gated out of Mt. Washington the evening that they planned to elope! A park ranger at Mt. Washington suggested they go to Glen Ellis Falls and the rest is history!  


Both are talented creators and makers and I'm always blown away by their artistic talent: Matthew with his blacksmithing and photography and Tara with her art and pottery. They are definitely a multi-talented couple and I am so honored I was able to photograph them and their love in such a special (and absolutely gorgeous!) place.

Life truly works in mysteriously beautiful ways, doesn't it?

I couldn't be happier that it does.


Are they not the two cutest people you've ever seen in your life? 

Follow Matthew and Tara:

Pitch Pine Pottery

Fire Pine Forge

My Approach to Headshot and Portrait Photography - New England Headshot Photographer

My approach to headshot photography is similar to how I approach every shoot: the subject leads the composition and editing.

I believe that not every subject should be shot the same way. Some things like shoes or basic products mostly can, but people, places...they have a unique personality and style that I firmly believe in letting dictate my shots.

Sure I could shoot every person the same, in a controlled environment, with studio lighting (and I've seen some amazing work like that that I love!), but my personal style is to let my subject for the day influence what my shooting style will be. 

Like with my sister: she's a hair stylist with a big personality, great style, and she just happens to own a pink car! I mean, how many people do you know with a pink car that don't sell Mary Kay (haha). So, that day I walked into the shoot knowing I had to get a photo of her with it.

I always prefer to take a photo of someone in their home, office, or favorite place as opposed to in a studio or a contrived location.


I start my process by taking account of the surroundings. Wherever it is that my subject wants their picture taken - I know that it likely says something about them. If I'm in their office, for example, their furniture, artwork, decor or even their "mess" will have an impact on the photo. 

Do you have pieces of paper or coffee cups laying around while you work? Good! Keep it in the photo :) it all says something about you. 

Some people may be uncomfortable with this at first, but I like to shoot this way because I know that if I was on the other side of the camera I would want my photographer to capture every aspect of my personality in the photo, too!

And I love capturing candids of people breaking composure - laughing or smiling big! Those ones are the best! So, on a shoot you might notice that I've always got my finger on the shutter...searching for those golden moments!

glossier you-1-10.jpg

Sometimes even the quiet moments can speak volumes. I love being a fly on the wall to someone's creative process.


This one happens to be one of my all-time favorites because it shows my subject in his element - creating his art. It's not about me, it's not up close and's personal and private - a snapshot of a moment that would be happening no matter if I was shooting or not.

And that's really what I'm always striving for with my headshots and portraits.

Ready for your close-up? I'd love to do more photos in a series like this, so if you're an artist in the Boston area interested in getting your photo taken contact me and maybe we can set something up!