Starting Over - My Blogging Story


Hi! I'm Leah. But you probably already know that since you're on my website! :) 

Blogging has been a constant love/hate experience for me over the past 10 years. 

If you've been with me for any part of it then you may know a little bit about my stop and go blogging story. But just in case you're just finding me now let's start at the beginning!

I'm a writer and I've always wanted to blog - to share what I'm thinking, what I'm loving, and what I'm experiencing with others. Writing is one of the best ways for me to communicate. As an introvert it's just natural to me and I often say that I'm generally able to articulate myself better through writing than speech. Because of my love for writing and desire to connect I've always wanted to be a blogger! You'd think that I'd be a natural at it, but over the years I've struggled with finding myself in the blogging world. 

I've always thought I needed to have a focus - a brand. This led me to try on as many different styles as I could think of...a travel blog, a food blog, lifestyle, beauty, fashion...

But none of it stuck. I would be passionate about it for a time, but then my interest would fade and I'd be on to the next thing. So, I stopped trying to make the blogging thing happen. The only problem is I still have the desire to do it! And that's when I realized my issue:

I don't want to be defined by a certain style of content. 

I don't want to be the "fashion girl" or the "beauty girl."

All I want is to be me.

So, I realize now that my brand is both nothing and everything.

Complete freedom.

I'm done trying to fit all of my many interests into one sellable package. I want this blog to encapsulate everything about me. So, sometimes I might be reviewing a product, or I might be showing you all a new outfit that I'm loving. Other times I might be sharing what I'm thinking about or what I'm reading or watching on Netflix. 

I even want a place to share what I'm struggling with in the hopes that maybe my problems, mistakes, and experiences can help others or at the very least show them that they are not alone.

We are all complex people and although Social Media and the Internet might show you that we can all be marketed into one easy to swallow and sell brand...I simply refuse to be limited.

So here's to a fresh start! 

And welcome to my blog.

I hope you like it!