I Moved...Again


Haven’t I been here before? This ALL SEEMS too familiar…

This month I moved back home. The reason feels complicated, but that’s probably only because I experienced it personally. If I put it into a little summary it’s actually pretty simple: I moved in with my sister and her boyfriend...unfortunately, not long after I moved in, they broke up. After that was the awkward situation of them splitting up and me needing to move. So, there I found myself again...

I spent weeks looking at my options, hoping that I could make a lateral move.

For a little while I didn’t consider moving home to be an option, until it became overwhelmingly aware to me that due to the timing of everything and how I was unable to plan for this properly there was no way I was going to find myself an apartment in budget and in time right now.


So, once again, I packed my life into a car and moved back to my parent’s house.

And I just finished moving in this week. For the most part I am excited about this move, it feels comfortable and will be a good "home base" (literally) for me to start over in. Of course I am incredibly grateful that I'm able to do this. I was very lucky to have this option. 

Now I’m going to focus on paying off debt, saving money, and making smart moves where my overall livelihood is concerned.

It’s all about setting up for the future, so now is the time for me to set the foundation.

I had to get over the fact that society suggests that living at home with your parents in your late 20s is a sign of a failure. Considering that I’d already moved home once before after moving out (to Los Angeles no less) I took this time pretty hard, even though the situation was really no one's fault - it was more of an unfortunate circumstance that affected me. Otherwise, at the time I had planned to live on my own indefinitely.

I really thought this was my time.But, hey, it wasn’t and I’m okay with that.

Every experience I've had so far I take away a huge amount of knowledge that I didn’t have before and I certainly came away learning a lot from this experience. I wanted to share this in the open today because I feel like there is a stigma attached to living with your parents after college. I want to show that it is completely normal and you should never let the thoughts or feelings of others impact your happiness. We are all so unique and thus we live differently. So, make the choices that are right for you - your opinion of yourself is all that matters. 

I say this because I know it's very hard not to compare yourself to others and as you get older you see people going through milestones that you haven't reached yet. But we're all on different paths. I know that I don't want the same things that many do - I have my own perfect future planned. 

So, my advice, if you're having issues comparing yourself to others like I sometimes do, is to search your heart to find what matters to you most. Once you've done that write whatever it is down on a piece of paper and focus all your thoughts and energy on that. I know it helps me and I hope that it can help someone else, too.  


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