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glossier must-haves

For those of you who don't know I'm a Glossier rep.* 

I absolutely love their products and have been sharing them with anyone who would listen since day one!

Everything from Glossier's aesthetic to their marketing makes me love them - I think they're just the perfect example of a brand done right!

However, even a perfect brand has a few flops. And over the last year or so I've tried as many of Glossier's products as I can. So, today I figured I'd demystify their products as much as I can for everyone and go over my list of absolute must-buys! And my list of "eh, you can skip its." 


1. Boy Brow - This is the product that started it all for me. What truly made me fall in love with Boy Brow is just how simple it is. All you have to do is take the brush and comb the product through your eyebrows and voila! perfectly tinted and defined brows in a matter of seconds! It not only shortens my time doing my makeup in the morning, but it gives me a boost of confidence that my eyebrows are serious, bold, and ready to take on the world! There's a reason that Boy Brow launched Glossier to the level of cult fame it has today!

2. Generation G - Another cult beauty product Generation G is a must-must-must-have! There is no other lip product I've ever tried quite like it. The colors are buildable and beautiful. And I don't feel odd eating or kissing in them because they're so barely there that there's nothing to worry about (and you can easily reapply to perfection after intense eating or kissing haha!). Most of them have a matte, blurry appearance. Although Leo seemed more on the glossy side to me (but I love Leo!). So, 100% if you're looking to try a Glossier product that is quintessentially Glossier definitely put a Generation G lipstick in your shopping cart!

3. Wowder - Even if you aren't about to be a Glossier convert or fan at least get yourself the Wowder! It should be a staple in everyone's makeup routine. I've used many powders in the past. Some even irritated my eyes! Ew! And then there are the powders that leave you looking like a ghost or perhaps even worse there can be powders that seem to do nothing at all! This is not one of those. It works sooo well - better than any setting powder I've ever used. The packaging is also genius! It doesn't spill anywhere and is simple to use. I've had no problems with this powder and will be repurchasing if I ever run out!


1. The Super Pack - Meh! I'm sorry to say that these just don't get me excited. At first I was really loving Super Bounce and I would probably still purchase it on it's own if it weren't for the price ($28 a piece!). Out of all the serums I would recommend trying Super Bounce for extra hydration and the hyaluronic acid, but I think I'm going to look to other brands for something like this. It was simply just "alright" and I'm searching for "AMAZING."

2. The Priming Moisturizer - I actually like this product so much! I should really clarify that this list of have-nots isn't to say that these products are no good, it's just that they're the ones you can skip. Here's my reasoning on why you can skip this one: the Priming Moisturizer truly is an amazing primer to your skin before makeup (especially Glossier makeup) and it did make my skin so so soft, but you know what else does that? the Vaseline intensive care essential healing moisturizer I've been using on my skin throughout the winter. Again, I would continue to buy the Priming Moisturizer if it weren't for the price point ($22 for 1.7 fl. oz.), but my Vaseline moisturizer is $3 at Target for way more product. So, I choose to skip this one until I am making more figures on my paycheck and with that saved money I'll invest in my Glossier must-haves! :)

3. Stretch Concealer - I like this theory. It's so creamy, the packaging is really nice, and it goes really well with the perfecting skin tint, but unfortunately it's only an "okay" concealer. First off, don't put this on your under eyes - it creases like a mother-f-er. I've even used Wowder with it and still the creasing doesn't cease. Also, if you have a covers okay...but not great. So, because of everything you can't do with this product I unfortunately don't think I'll be repurchasing.

Honorable mentions

I figured why not include a few products that are "nice to have" if you just want to treat yourself!

1. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser - I really like this cleanser! It's gentle, creamy, and pretty much scentless - which is what my sensitive skin loves! It's unlike any other cleanser I've used before and I mean that in a good way! I think it's unique and it does a great job at cleansing your skin while removing makeup. Definitely try it out if you feel like treating yourself! 

2. Glossier You Perfume Solid - I've mentioned before in a video review of Glossier You (you can watch that here) that the spray perfume will last on you pretty much all day - it's kinda incredible! But! If you want to make sure you keep smelling amazing throughout the day or maybe you just prefer perfume solids I would recommend getting yourself the Glossier You Perfume Solid. It's really nicely made and is the perfect travel companion. I got it so I could always have it in my purse wherever I go. You never know when you're going to need a little extra!

3. Perfecting Skin Tint - I feel like this product isn't for everyone...but it should be. Some I think just won't see what's so cool about it, but if you're in to minimal makeup then you'll understand. This feels like you're wearing nothing at all . And it's some sort of witchcraft for sure, but it really does match your skin tone perfectly while blurring out's weird, but it works, so I love it! So, if you feel like giving this a try knowing you may very well hate it (I feel like this is definitely a love it or hate it kind of product) then why not just order it? And make sure to let me know what you think ;) 


*And since I'm a Glossier rep I will let you know that purchasing through my link will get you 20% off your first purchase, so definitely follow this link if you want to save some money ;) Happy shopping!