Hi my name is Leah Astore and yes, I will tell you a story! I'm a traveling photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in New England. 

My love of photography began when I was seven years-old and I won my first camera in an art contest. I still credit that camera with sparking my career in photography! With it I taught myself everything I could and I never neglected to have it with me on any of my travels.

Since then I've used that camera and others to take 1000s of photos (and videos!) from the East Coast to the West. Over the years my style has evolved and I have continue to teach myself as much as I can about my crafts. 

Currently, I create a series of self portraits that you can follow on my Instagram: instagram.com/leahastore.

Along with my self portrait project I also create blog posts about everything from photography to lifestyle to deep and personal issues like mental health. You can view some of those here on my blog: leahastore.com/blog

My Mission:

To inspire by sharing my story and my journey with honesty and creativity.

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Connect with me here: 
Instagram: @LeahAstore & @LeahAstorePhoto & @LeahAstory
Twitter: @LeahAstore
Facebook: @LeahAstory & @LeahAstore
Youtube: http://bit.ly/leahastoreyoutube