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It all started with photography...

When Leah was in the first grade she entered a contest that her local grocery store was hosting. The challenge was to draw a picture of any place in the world that you'd like to travel to. At the time, the place she wanted to go most in the world was Antarctica. Leah spent hours drawing her picture. Laboring over it probably more than the average seven year-old, but she wanted it to be perfect. Her hard work paid off because she won the contest! It was the first thing she'd ever win and the prize happened to be a Konica film camera. 

With that little camera Leah taught herself everything she could and never neglected to have it with her on any of her travels. In high school she started using point and shoot digital cameras alongside various random film cameras, lusting after DSLRs, hoping that someday she would be able to afford one. It wasn't until college that she finally had enough money to buy her first DSLR, a Canon Rebel t4i.

Leah took 1000s of photos and videos on it - using it and learning how to shoot until she felt she had hit the peak of what she could do with that camera. It wasn't long before she found herself craving a new challenge. So, she dove in head first and her adventure and love affair with video began. 

Which brought her to the second thing she ever won: Best Comedy at Campus MovieFest. That win brought her to Los Angeles where passion and love for filmmaking grew. When she graduated she moved to Los Angeles and went on to work for two years writing, acting, and producing creative content on the West Coast.

Since, Leah has moved back to the Boston area and continues to create short films, YouTube content, podcasts, blogs, and just about anything else creative she can get her hands on.

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