My name is Leah Astore (pronounced a-story) and I’m an artist based in New England.

My drive to create is endless and I express myself through many different mediums. I write, take photos, create video art, and enjoy posing as a subject for other photographers and artists.

I am committed to creating timeless images that capture the beauty I see in every day small moments. My style can be described as emotive and sentimental - brimming with feeling.

My hope and my goal is to always tell a story through every piece of art I create.

Want to work with me? Contact me here or email me at leahastore@gmail.com

Find me elsewhere: 
Instagram: @LeahAstore & @LeahAstorePhoto & @LeahAstory
Twitter: @LeahAstore
Facebook: @LeahAstory & @LeahAstore
Youtube: http://bit.ly/leahastoreyoutube