Making Moscow Mules

I love making Moscow Mules! And since we’re on a roll talking about my Christmas time traditions, I figured I’d share this tradition with all of you!

I remember the first time I tried this delicious beverage, I was about as far away from home as I could’ve been. I was in California at the time, somewhere in Simi Valley, spending time with a new friends family. 

Although I was sad I couldn’t spend Christmas with my family back in Massachusetts I found a surrogate group of people that took me in and still made the holidays special.

And it’s clearly left an impression on me because I still celebrate with my loved ones by sharing a Christmas “cheers!” over a couple of Moscow Mules.

Friends are some of the best family I’ve ever had. 

Making Moscow Mules always reminds me of this. 

Plus, I just love refreshing drinks: mojitos, Moscow Mules…basically anything with mint or lime!

And they’re extremely simple to make! 

If you’re making Moscow Mules you’re going to need:

1 1/2 fluid ounces of Vodka (whatever brand is your preference)

1/2 cup of ginger beer

1 lime wedge for garnish (mandatory!)

making moscow mules

Once you have your Moscow Mule sit down and watch some of your favorite Christmas movies…cause that’s what I’ll be doing! (haha) 

moscow mules

I even put together a list of 8 of my absolute must watch Christmas movies if you need suggestions! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours! (you can certainly enjoy making these Moscow Mules no matter what you celebrate!) 

Enjoy and drink responsibly!