Leah Astore is a New England-Based Photographer, Filmmaker, and Writer

About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Leah Astore and I’m a Boston-based photographer, writer, director, and actor.

As a self-taught photographer I picked up a camera and learned as I went. A child of the 90s, my first foray was with a series of random film and polaroid cameras. In college I picked up my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel t4i and used it until I felt I had hit the peak of what I could do with that camera. Once I was ready, I got myself a Canon 5d mark iii and dived into photography full-time. I use my 5d, along with slr cameras, and even my iPhone to capture my experience and share it with the world through digital media.

Video is another aspect I am constantly exploring. My adventure in video began in college. There I went on to create short films, one of which won Best Comedy and brought me to Los Angeles in 2013 where I went on to work for two years, acting, writing, and producing creative content.

Along with my photography and video creation, I am continuously writing with a goal to someday publish a book (or two or three).

My hope and my mission is to capture the beauty I find in the world in everything I do.

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