At The Court With Molly and Olivia

A few months ago Molly approached me with an idea for a tennis inspired fashion shoot. Right away I was intrigued and a bit hesitant — I am not the sporty type! But! I have been a fan of the new athleisure trend…I mean, wearing sporty clothes without any physical activity required? Sign me up!

As we got to planning the shoot I decided to bring on a close photographer friend of mine, Mary Polleys Photography. We had just recently reconnected and I thought it would be a perfect fit since Molly, Mary, and I actually worked together at our student newspaper in college! Molly also brought along Olivia, who was a natural born model in front of the camera. You couldn’t ask for a better collaboration!

What I loved most about working with these girls is we all came together for a common goal of working towards our dreams and I think that’s what makes this shoot so awesome. Here are some of the highlights. I hope you enjoy!

Using her Grandma’s vintage, Molly put together a style for the photo shoot that was a unique blend of modern, timeless, and trendy.


Wardrobe Stylist: Molly Bello

Models: Molly Bello & Olivia Rodbell

Clothing & Shoes: Vintage Burberry, Stella McCartney, Cividini, Etro, Levi’s, Vans, adidas, Madewell

Accessories: Urban Outfitters

Glasses & Sunglasses: Warby Parker, Madewell