Photographer | Filmmaker | Writer

Leah Astore

Growing up in Plymouth (America’s Hometown!) I found my passion in photography, film, and writing at a young age. As I grew I explored them all as a means of expressing myself and I continue to develop my voice through experimenting and challenging myself with various styles of art and editing.

As a self-taught photographer I picked up a camera and learned as I went. A child of the 90s, my first foray was with a series of random film and polaroid cameras. In college I picked up my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel t4i and used it until I felt I had hit the peak of what I could do with that camera. Once I was ready, I got myself a Canon 5d mark iii and dived into creating art full-time.

I use my 5d, along with slr cameras, and even my iPhone to capture my experience and share it with the world through digital media.

My hope and my mission is to capture the beauty I find in the world in everything I do.

Want to work with me? Say hello: leahastore@gmail.com

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