A Vintage Winter Coat

There’s nothing like a vintage Winter coat!

I’ve actually had this one for a few years now and it only comes out around this time of year or if I need to make a statement – because this coat is sure to turn some heads!

My inspiration for buying it, besides the fact that it’s fucking rad, was Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Almost immediately after watching the film I opened up Etsy to try to find a coat like hers. Surprisingly most of them are very expensive!

But in my search I came across this beauty – and it wasn’t too bad at $75. So I purchased it almost instantly. 

I fell in love with the shearling details on the lapels and wrists. The pattern is made up of green, red, gold, and a subtle hint of purple weaved throughout and the lining is a cream colored silk. It’s not the warmest jacket I have in my closet, but it’s definitely the coolest.

The coat is a 1970s Evan Picone. An interesting fact I learned about Evan Picone is they did the entire wardrobe for Mary Tyler Moore on her show in the ’70s! And all of her outfits were amazing, so it definitely goes to show!

I also always think of The Beatles in their Sgt. Peppers days when I wear this coat. I guess that makes me the walrus (haha).

I’m just so glad that I found a vintage Winter coat from this era that was unique – similar to Penny Lane’s in theory, but completely unique and fun! 

If you’re looking for a vintage Winter coat, too, I absolutely suggest Etsy!

I’ve found the most amazing items on there and they’re generally fairly priced. 

vintage winter coat

What do you think? Would you rock a Penny Lane coat?